Anti-static cloth for CTC authentication is what mean?

by:BEF     2020-07-27
Get up in the cold winter, a season requires courage, this is not the most annoying place, is the most annoying to wear coat, this with electrostatic potential, which can also touch the electrostatic, simple even have the courage to go out no good! However, since the generation of static electricity, will certainly the method of eliminating static electricity. The most widely used is the anti-static cloth, the effect is very ideal. The antistatic fabric is widely used, but the quality is uneven! How consumers to buy their own to the anti-static cloth can make an accurate judgment of product quality? To determine the quality is very simple, take a look at the product to get the certificate is not to be clear at a glance! Our antistatic fabric is passed the CTC detection, also got the relevant certificates, CTC is what? He is' sincere certification of quality inspection in guangdong co. , LTD, is an independent legal personality of the inspection and certification, the integration of the third party certification authority, is the first domestic double standard compound certification by building construction enterprise qualification of one of the institutions, is standing director unit of China certification and accreditation association. Like haier group, midea group, gree electric appliances, dongpeng ceramics, la group all are testing here, brand, high quality, strength can see! Excellent antistatic fabric like this, are you sure you want to miss it!
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