Anti puncture in the end is how to make special shoes improve battle effectiveness?

by:BEF     2020-07-11
In the TV series of 'I am a commando', that is fire circle of friends, this one looked, also want to see the TV, for the special description, let us have a deeper understanding of special weapon. Commandos are generally involved in some of the anti-terrorism, anti hijacking, to solve the hostage, such as task, sent to the task is weaned off water, isolated environment, through the use of local resources to ensure the survival, good equipment is to be able to make the special maximum effectiveness, the puncture in the bottom not only have no less than stainless steel bottom puncture proof ability, more twists and turns, acid and alkali resistance, with the puncture in the bottom made of special shoes, to wear at the same time to provide comprehensive foot protection, also can effectively reduce the wearer foot fatigue, thus improve the working efficiency and improve the battle effectiveness. The anti puncture in the bottom is very convenient to use, as long as this one is put inside on the shoe insoles, immediately the shoes became puncture proof shoes, can protect your feet anytime and anywhere! And still more will be odor-proof, antibacterial, mouldproof, the earthquake is blended in among them, let the wearer can enjoy more!
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