Anti puncture in the difference between the bottom and bottom in ordinary in where?

by:BEF     2020-07-12
For professional security protection, increasingly brought to the attention of the employers and workers. Wear labor insurance purpose is to prevent what unexpected accident in the process of operation, and thus to reduce or avoid such accident caused by the damage. To prevent puncture for shoes, its defensive performance is hit, puncture proof, is mainly composed of the instep, prevent puncture in the base and sole, the base is located in the top of the sole, is used for forming shoe, in the process of shoemaking, generally in the bottom to make the shape of the soles, it and cut out good shoe adhesive, the formation of the early form of shoes, and then, again set it on the last jump into shoe; Finally, by way of sewing and gluing Su injection on the shoe bottom is one soles, such shoes is completed. Past the bottom is commonly made into cardboard, cardboard of the physical and mechanical performance is poorer, so at the end of the strength, moisture absorption, folding bending resistance, and adhesive properties are not satisfactory for shoes, and directly affect the function of shoes. Other insoles alone is ready before, inside shoes, walk easily and the bottom slide between, affect the wearing comfort; And when sliding insoles, insoles, lining cloth is easy because the foot friction and damage or cause complete separation. Existing and puncture-proof bottom can overcome the disadvantage of the bottom material with, bending strength and durability aspects of good shoes with multi-functional puncture in the bottom, is to eliminate the shoe mat, also improves the production speed, the service life of the insole and wearing comfort, but also avoids the relative sliding insole. Can say on the cost of production, on the overall performance and puncture-proof bottom in the bottom will be better than ordinary.
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