And puncture-proof labor insurance shoes quality and safety control is important

by:BEF     2020-12-03
Industrial production and the life of workers have to wear labor protection articles correctly according to the different environment, such as dust workshop need to wear clean clothing can enter, like in the mold production, the construction site construction, machinery manufacturing and other prone to foot place for puncture, workers need to wear and puncture-proof labor insurance shoes work to protect your feet from hurt. Production standards for these special labor protection shoes, work shoes manufacturer must be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, because it's about to wearing the safety of the workers. And puncture-proof labor insurance shoes industry standard regulation, remove the labor insurance shoes placed in machine cutting edge to a nail hardness greater than 60 HRC, applying pressure tester with regulation speed to labor insurance shoes, until labor insurance shoes through contrast by the force of look to whether can meet the demands of industry standards, and to the requirement of different parts and puncture-proof labor insurance shoes are different, at least in the labor insurance shoes for four points, four points location also has clear rules. Generally speaking, the beginning of establishment of labor insurance shoes manufacturers in countries will make a nature of its business qualification examination and the corresponding requirements, the record was set up, after is on the record content of local industrial and commercial management department regularly to professional testing, the manufacturer's products if they do not have the unqualified to percent of pass, will make a big punishment for business. For special labor insurance shoes production reach a certain number need to report the number of tests. These measures from a certain extent, put an end to countless good businessman 'dirty' production. And puncture-proof labor insurance shoes production quality control as well as other labor insurance shoes, about the life safety of production personnel, in addition to production from industry manufacturers of technical material, process, process strictly controlled to establish a good self-discipline, and national safety in production and management department of the industry's strict management, to ensure the safety of production workers is production responsibility and premise.
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