And puncture-proof cloth in the bottom to provide fire soldiers lightsome pace!

by:BEF     2020-07-22
As we all know, at the time of natural disasters and fire, is usually a fireman for our great accident emergency rescue and treatment, however, the location of the accident disasters and live often exist terrain environment is more complex, such as building ruins, mines, etc. , as firefighters and emergency operations into the work environment, because of the complicated terrain environment, the foot often exist sundry stabbed firefighters plantar and injuring the feet feet some unstable factors. Today against the piercing in the shoe bottom generally USES a metal shoes bottom, lead to the heavy weight, but also can not bending deflection, the firefighters, military or fieldwork etc need to be protected against puncture environment to use, because of the weight can cause the wearer is not flexible. Difficult to meet the wearer need comfortable, flexible, lightweight requirements. Puncture proof cloth bottom with good resistance to high temperature and chemical corrosion resistance, also has a very high modulus and higher than the strength of the steel, has a superior cutting function, density is lower than cotton, if use polyester to preparation and puncture-proof shoes bottom can satisfy our customer's demand for comfortable, flexible, lightweight. Fire boots if bottom in the application of polyester fiber and puncture-proof cloth, can greatly change the bottom weight inconvenience metal shoes, now and in the same puncture proof ability.
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