And hit the classification of Labour protection shoes, and useful

by:BEF     2020-12-08
Labor insurance shoes in the process of enterprise production is the basic of protective equipment, commonly used functions in case of breaking is given priority to, full name is the labor insurance shoes, some by adding extra features, anti-static function, or electrical insulating function, etc. Hit a safety shoes and steel toe shoes are the same species, namely protect toes safety shoes. Safety shoes and labor insurance shoes are foot safety protection, also is the same meaning. Its types are many, such as protection of digit, puncture proof, insulation, acid and alkali resistant, etc. Oil labor insurance shoes used in the area of oil or oil splashing places; Waterproof labor insurance shoes for ground water or splashing water workplaces, actually we usually use waterproof shoes boots or double steel rain boots; Warm shoes foot protection for workers at low temperature, in order to avoid the frostbite, protective safety shoes, safety shoes are nothing more than winter will be made of cotton with high help is in the majority. With safety shoes for foot protection, protect by various pointed person stabbed. Against the main function of shoes is falling above the foot. Before shoes baotou have impact resistant material. Steel shoes main function is to prevent the burning hot, cut, should be able to withstand the static pressure and resistance to a certain temperature, non-flammable. This kind of shoes before apply to metallurgy, furnace, cast iron, etc. In addition to the above and some special shoe cover, such as canvas, asbestos, aluminum membrane material of shoe cover etc. Prevent shoes besides must according to choose suitable for the type of operation condition, still should fit, make people feel comfortable to wear, this is important to carefully choose the right shoe.
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