Analysis in recent years the development of the cutting cloth

by:BEF     2020-07-17
In dongguan, every year to see major riot exercise, and they all figure tall and straight, neatly dressed in military uniforms, pace consistent, let us once again saw the country's military display, do you think they only when exercises to dress like this? It is also their daily, for the cutting cloth with must also be in the highest. Polyester staple fiber primarily, it is mainly used to cut cloth, viscose fiber, hemp and other chemical fiber blend fabric manufacturing all kinds of textile. But in recent years, the development of polyester filament faster, it is mainly processed into a variety of textured yarn, such as low elastic polyester filament, polyester wire network, such as for ZhiZhi woven fabrics and knitted fabrics, can make garments and underwear. In addition, the polyester filament in industry used in the manufacture of tyre cord, electrical insulating materials, ropes, etc. In order to overcome the polyester low moisture absorption, poor dyeing defect, through the modification of polyester, has produced the high hygroscopic polyester, polyester pilling resistance, cationic dyeability polyester, etc. Polyester the main physical and chemical properties: cut the cloth of 1. Form polyester cut cloth longitudinal surface flat, smooth, cross section is circular. Polyester acid alkali and not, because in the polyester macromolecular ester base to occur in the alkali hydrolysis, but also can use the appropriate lye of polyester imitation silk processing. 2. Strong stretching and elastic polyester cloth cutting high strength, elongation, elastic recovery performance is good, the strength of the ordinary polyester fiber to 35. 2 ~ 52. 8 cn/Tex, elongation at break of 30% ~ 40%. According to the different processing, polyester fiber has high strength low stretch, low stretch type, etc. As a result of the polyester high strength, elongation, good elasticity, so the wear resistance of polyester fine, second only to nylon. In addition, the high initial modulus of polyester, so fabric crisp, good dimensional stability. 3. Anti hygroscopicity and cut cloth dyeing polyester structure, high crystallinity, internal macromolecular hydrophilic gene, low moisture absorption ability, so dyeing difficulties. Polyester in the condition of atmospheric moisture regain of only 0. 4%. As a result, the fabric is easy to wash the advantages of fast drying, but also reflect the defects of poor breathable and absorb sweat.
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