Although labor insurance shoes 'ugly' effect

by:BEF     2020-12-06
Recently, a construction crane will be 500 kg weight lifting off the ground 30 cm, hook steel rope buckle sudden slippage, heavy pressure on the two left foot of migrant workers, causing a wear galoshes 3 toe on his left foot was pressed into comminuted fracture of migrant workers, another migrant workers due to wear labor insurance shoes, toe is not affected by any damage. After the event, the migrant workers said: & other; Is this pair of labor insurance shoes saved my feet. ” Nonetheless, some oil companies of individual employees safety protection is still insufficient understanding of labor insurance shoes, don't want to wear labor insurance shoes during construction work. There are individuals are that labor insurance shoes style is not beautiful, wear on the foot appear fat not good-looking; Heavier that labor insurance shoes, soles is hard, convenient and flexible for no other shoes on my feet. The author thinks, this kind of mistake is know for its own security highly attaches great importance to the performance. The love of beauty of heart, the person all has. But regardless of their own safety when working in the construction and to pay attention to wear beautiful, is not satisfactory. The appearance of the labor insurance shoes although is inferior to the mall to buy shoes look good, but it functions to protect the personal safety cannot be underestimated. One is the tip of the labor insurance shoes arched steel heavy blow, the pressure on resistance is strong, even if there is great pressure to hit on the shoes, steel will not deformation, the front feet and toes won't be hurt. The second is the ministry of labor insurance shoes toothed, non-slip performance is good, not wrestling when walking on the smooth surface or homework. 3 it is thick, labor insurance shoes soles puncture proof ability. Fourth, labor insurance shoes also antistatic, acid alkali corrosion function.
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