Alkali production chemical industry factory, the necessity of wearing safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-30
In order to meet the requirements of industrial development, JianYe system in the chemical industry has developed rapidly, making JianYe produce soda ash in glass manufacturing, chemical products production, pulp, paper and water treatment industries such as application, system of JianYe homework personnel to ensure operation safety, prevent the damage in the process of alkali production by chemicals, they can wear resistant to acid and alkali such as safety shoes for foot protection appliances for labor protection. System JianYe need soda ash extraction in a variety of chemicals, these chemicals are generally has the acid and alkaline, homework personnel in acid and alkali resistant safety shoes can effective foot protection to reduce accident. Because chmical resistant safety shoes are with acid and alkali resistant performance, the acid and alkali, strong corrosive environment is used to protect the feet, to prevent the acid and alkali chemical damage safety shoes. Alkali production workshops usually have a lot of raw materials piled up, and some manufacturing factory have metal instruments piled up on the ground, workers in the absence of wearing and puncture-proof safety shoes, feet on the ground to walk easily hurt by sharp objects. And puncture resistant is put above the soles sheet steel, prevent the various pointed person pierced the soles, so that safety shoes to prevent foot hurt. Soda ash as a basic chemical raw materials, occupies an important position in national economy, it is one of the larger dosage of chemical products in the world. And operation system of JianYe operation personnel, they in the extraction of soda ash production job, do their labor protection, consciously wear protective supplies, such as resistance to acid and alkali resistant puncture of safety shoes, this kind of safety is more important. Alkali production workshop pile up chemicals, and some metal devices, in order to make labor safety protection, their daily clothes, wearing work gloves, wear on their industry's special function is necessary for safety shoes, no matter in what kind of work, completes the safety is first.
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