After plastic super light source of toe nano technology

by:BEF     2020-07-19
There is only one earth, our home is only one, only to protect, to leave our future generations a piece of green shade, so there can be found that many of the rectification, the rectification of heavy pollution enterprise or removed. Once upon a time the production technology reach the standard of environmental protection, then innovation transformation, always can. Industry in the early, the focus of many enterprises are in the production of steel head, whereas today's enterprises in the production of super light nano shoes on the head, is this why? Only one reason, that is because of super light nano shoes than ever head of products and other products are green, enough is enough environmental protection, and to give to the consumer experience to enjoy more than ever, with a money, but comfort is better, if you are a consumer, which one would you choose? As early as the ancient Romans in the process of production of coloured drawing or pattern glass imperceptibly nano has appeared, and then they put gold in chloride melts made red glass, the glass of the gold by reflecting the sun light energy rich ruby color. With the change of the size color, so that the hair coloured drawing or pattern glass more dazzling color. Physicists examine feynman until 1959 at the American physical society annual meeting, made a famous speech there is plenty of room at the bottom, put forward some concepts of nanotechnology and he was in a bottom-up approach, put forward from a single atom even start assembling, to meet the design requirements. He said, to the less, in my opinion, the laws of physics do not rule out a possibility of a atoms to create items. And predicted that, when we to the small size of the object controlled amplifier, will greatly expand our property scope. This is seen as a nanotechnology concept of inspiration. To this day, nearly 60 years of today, nanotechnology has been recognized all around the world, and has been widely used, constantly in technology innovation, it doesn't, there will be a super light the birth of nanometer toe cap. Nanotechnology has been acclaimed as the most important and one of the fastest growing new frontier, it also marks a new era of science and technology - — The beginning of nano science and technology era.
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