After labor insurance shoes stink

by:BEF     2020-12-10
In the home, put the shoes of not good ventilation, so there is always some smell. So how to remove the smell from the inside the shoes? The following method wish I could help you. 1. The tea (dry The bubble can also) Package inside shoes can remove peculiar smell. 2. + garlic vinegar to heat the water in the basin, the bubble to the cold water temperature. Because the garlic has antiseptic effect. 3. Shoes do not wear, to the balcony in the sun, it to sterilization, and secondly is to keep the shoes dry, prevent bacterial growth. 4. Socks is easy to have bad smell, in water to wash the socks into a little white vinegar, soak for a while, rinse off with clear water again, such not only can remove bad smell, also can have the effect of sterilization. 5. In the shoe ark of smell is also very good solve. As long as add a piece of soap in the shoe ark, can easily remove the odor in the shoe. Open a shoe and smell the fragrance of yo.
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