Affect the price of labor insurance shoes three major factors

by:BEF     2020-11-27
The choose and buy when labor insurance shoes generally concerned about most is the price and brand, at present domestic sales of well-known brand Chinese shoes are mostly foreign brands. These foreign brands labor insurance shoes on their work and the choice of raw materials and domestic production enterprises of labor insurance shoes essentially no difference, because all these foreign brands labor insurance shoes, in fact, is in the domestic labor insurance shoes manufacturer to OEM generation of processing, but the price difference is very big, the price and even domestic labor insurance shoes brand double. Labor insurance shoes brand effect is a big gap between the prices. So what are the main factors influencing labor insurance shoes price? 1 on the surface of the shoe made by many shoe leather, synthetic leather and main natural cowhide. Usually have cow hide, buffalo hide, etc, the price is high, usually used in the production of high-grade labor insurance shoes, wear comfortable breathe freely, vamp folding superior performance. 2, inside the shoe lining materials main points BK mesh cloth inside, Canberra and leather lining. 3, and now on the market of soles common labor insurance shoes soles material mainly composed of polyurethane ( PU) , the bottom of the natural rubber soles, eleusine indica, EVA + rubber composite molding soles, sometimes it's better to make the performance of the soles, these materials will be combined to each other, such as polyurethane ( PU) And rubber combination can improve the performance of the two kinds of soles. Special function of soles, such as: high temperature resistance, insulation, anti-static, strong oil resistance, resistant to strong acid manufacturing labor insurance shoes need according to its function. Different manufacturer brand of labor insurance shoes, depending on the work of sophisticated, raw materials, the complexity of the shoe, and determines the price of shoes different capabilities. Many styles on the market almost labor insurance shoes, but the price may vary a lot, this is the reasons. In this proposal consumer labor insurance shoes must be taken into account when the choose and buy, not necessarily the most expensive is the best, according to the specific use environment for work and safety requirements to make the best choice. The price of the same style extraordinary cheap don't care about the quality, the good quality is certainly not cheap, relatively speaking, to see how the price of labor insurance shoes, this is what we used to say & other; A penny a points goods & throughout; 。
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