Adidas enlarge recruit with slippers? The boost with Yeezy slippers slippers!

by:BEF     2020-07-10
Over the past few years, adidas are relying on the boost that science and technology played a beautiful turnaround, this one like popcorn upon the appearance of science and technology is the praise of all, this technology can not only like Nike air cushion after fame as a portion of the single used in shoes, more as a combination of adidas is all in the bottom using boost this material. Although in this few years adey continued innovation have also launched such as 4 d and Lightstrike, but the boost in the bottom or the softness of the best, and supporting is as good as a bottom in the same material. And different under the different emphasis has been placed on the shoe on the boost to the feelings of people is different, so the boost not only appeared in the running shoes, basketball shoes, use, even the classical shell head version also had a boost in recent years, for adidas increase popularity and traffic, not to mention the coconut series. If it can't explain the boost in adi's large-scale use of words, then carried a boost technology recently sold the reebok shoes is to let a person feel novelty! However, although the boost in adi has appeared all kinds of shoes, but only slippers that didn't use to boost this material is not in the slippers on this field, this let a person feel very strange, after all, adi sentiment in slippers not low all the time, in the hot summer when go play a slippers not beauty zai? In contrast, peak, ah! Is very smart, very this one has been well received in state and claims to be comparable to the boost of the material after, immediately launched carrying state of science and technology in the summer of slippers. In Lightstrike however, after the introduction of science and technology and boost the technology seems to have been reached the limbo in basketball shoes, or Lightstrike or classic bounce, to boost its only running shoes a piece, but, since it is their hard playing tricks abandoned in the science and technology, do not want to be, so adidas in the tens thousands wait finally brought the boost to the slipper! Come on! Chou Chou this thick boost! And in the absence of the bottom and the insole isolation, directly on the above, it think all feel great! As to boost the thing what feeling after wet water, small make up wearing BYW go where there is water feel slow earthquake will have a card a card, but how will have to try on this pair of slippers. But this put a big boost direct exposure to the outside looks good, but the exposed the glistening things have the disadvantages of a large yellow is oxidation, now the boost of bare shoes basic oxide yellow, so the slippers maintenance is also a headache thing. So big talker in adidas team seem to hear the shouts: line, you so afraid of oxidation, I an not afraid of oxidation, come! You more YEEZY slippers! See the figure small make up slowly with a question mark, what the hell is this? Thought to a big talker this tide people suppressed for so long, must be very stylish designed slippers, zha into this thing? And rubbed his eyes, and tell me it's not true, but the YEEZY trademark the inside of the box and is told me this is YEEZY YEEZY font slippers. It's very embarrassing, YEEZY finally is no man robbed this time, it is understood that YEEZY this pair of slippers Slide & other; Dessan” Will go on sale on December 7, full size, small make up is not to say what, please proceed with your performance.
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