Adidas Boost popcorn slippers ETPU latest applications

by:BEF     2020-07-06
Has conceived a pair of designer Oleksandr Shestakovych under full BOOST production concept shoes feel as full palm Air Max 360 Air cushion don't know this pair of shoes will ever come true? As one of tennis shoes black science and technology in the field of the Boost is adidas with the global chemical industry giant German chemical company basf in 2007 began the product of cooperative r&d will seem like styrofoam Boost to the unique development program of granular solid materials TPU expansion into thousands of tiny energy storage capsule after these energies capsule has a unique structure can effectively store and release energy with high momentum back again will these can store and release of small particle shape to look like running shoes in the bottom. 。 。 Adidas to Boost cushioning technology for the assassin's mace completed a major reversal in the field of sports shoes, wet shoes not only secure the opponent is to perfect the foot feels what are the characteristics that the Boost conquered the consumers? 。 。 。 ☟ excellent shock and resilience can be due to the uniqueness of structure each tiny capsules every step in the movement of the rebound in extrusion, expansion, thus effectively accumulation and release energy. 。 。 ☟ strong cold resistant and heat resistant performance tests show that as the cold in 20 ℃ below zero and up to 40 ℃ high temperature Boost can not remain efficient energy feedback efficiency due to climate change. 。 。 ☟ lasting durability tested the Boost in 500 kilometers after using the wear degree and the attenuation degree is very low on the stability and durability is three times as many of the standard of EVA material always show an unprecedented shock and rebound effect. 。 。 On just the end of the article 51 of the sold during the super bowl UltraBOOST Cleats Silver Pack and the funny thing is that it's double spikes version UltraBOOST carrying a pair of insoles but BOOST material made of the insole is only to be used on this pair of spikes did not sell alone just think if this insole can be commercially available whether or not you will buy? 。 。 。 Other products. 。 。 And adidas also began to BOOST technology and many classic shoe money until recently BAPE integration innovation and NEIGHBORHOOD on the adidas Originals clover again takes on a Superstar shoes based on the Superstar classical outline not only into the Primeknit knitting vamp is to BOOST the bottom material brings wearing feeling into comprehensive improvement. 。 。 ▼ adidas Superstar Boost on the classical shell head shoe type restoring ancient ways is the Boost cleverly bottom whole palm. 。 。 ▼ adidas OriginalsEQT Support Ultra PK retained the classic shoe body with the BOOST in the bottom of the EQT Support 93/16 and as retained the classic sole change Primeknit shoe body EQT Support Primeknit will it two pairs of shoes of innovation to further half-blood bring brand-new EQT Support Ultra PK. 。 。 ▼ Stan SmithBoost fashionable joker green shoe body into the end of the Boost modern shock the blessing classic collisions with innovation of science and technology
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