Acid and alkali resistant safety shoes are really ability strong acid alkali?

by:BEF     2020-11-24
Recent industry BBS and microblog users always have complained about the poor safety shoes quality of the company to distribute, wore a month scrapped, does open mouth, glue, aging, and so on and so forth have appeared. Discovered, editor to ask for details of the fault is not on the company is equipped with safety shoes, but they take it for granted the wrong change the function of safety shoes. Most of these complainers work in place of acid and alkali, the company is equipped with the acid and alkali resistant safety shoes by the editor's check are normal manufacturer production of qualified products. In general the service life of acid and alkali resistant safety shoes for one in three months, so why use a month scrap would happen? This is because they forget to acid and alkali resistant safety shoes & other Resistance & throughout; Words. Extensive and profound Chinese culture, refer to the dictionary can be found & other; Resistance & throughout; Definitions for & other; Withstand, withstand & throughout; 。 In the editor's opinion, & other; Resistance & throughout; Is a certain range, and there is no absolute meaning, when a certain line, will crumble. The acid and alkali resistant safety shoes is defined as the name, perhaps is also has the same meaning. How to choose right under the condition of acid and alkali safety shoes for many people, is a mass of paste. First to see the sole, the industry knows, most of the current safety shoes material is PU/TPU, rubber. Under acid condition, there is no question of PU/TPU, it has the function of the resistance to hydrolysis, but if in acid solution soak for a long time will have certain effect, but also in the case of a strong acid is not recommended to use. In alkaline condition, you must choose the PU/TPU material for the sole safety shoes, because OH can accelerate the speed of its hydrolysis. In general PU/TPU will have a certain function of weak alkali resistance, but according to the specific situation to judge. So the choice of best way is to work in places that have requirements of alkaline solution does not choose the PU/TPU material for the soles safety shoes. Rubber sole safety shoes acid-proof alkaline can is better, but this kind of soles safety shoes are bulky, and although the rubber has good acid and alkali, but also do not advocate for a long period of time under the condition of strong acid or alkali used, because the environment is corrosive, after all. Second, & other; Tan shoes & throughout; Habits is also the cause of safety shoes short-lived. Acid and alkali resistant safety shoes as a closed shoes, wearing a day it will certainly have a lot of perspiration, throw off outside in the sun is the habit of a lot of workers, but did not know acid and alkali resistant safety shoes, is not the sun. Although sun after the shoes is very comfortable to wear, but the sunshine point-blank also accelerate the ageing of the safety shoes, and the sun doesn't go to touch on the shoes of acid alkali liquor, it will make the shoes on sour lye concentration increased, further damage to the safety shoes. Correct cleaning method should be first on your shoes clean up with water to acid and alkali liquid, then dry, not direct sunlight or drying. ( The article reprinted from China insurance network, the author mindy)
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