Acid and alkali resistant protective shoes you know how much?

by:BEF     2020-12-04
Someone left a message with small make up recently, says something about the knowledge of acid and alkali resistant protective shoes before continued popularity for safety shoes, know the product knowledge, safety shoes for the same protection product, acidproof alkali shoes, is poorly understood. In some people's concept, acid and alkali resistant protective shoes in addition to the resistance to acid and alkali, other functions should be very similar to the safety shoes, the fact is that so? Let's find out. Chmical resistant safety shoes are acid and alkali resistant properties, is used to protect the feet, to prevent the acid and alkali chemical damage labor insurance shoes. Used in chemical industry ( Fertilizer) , medicine ( Pesticide) Industries involved in acid, alkali, chemical work. For acid and alkali of the harm to human body skin burn injury, or stimulate skin allergic reaction, cause folliculitis and systemic poisoning symptoms, so working in acid and alkali environment, be sure to wear resistant to acid and alkali protection shoes, avoid unnecessary damage to the body. For acid and alkali resistant safety shoes wear use, it is mainly applicable to the electroplater, pickling, electrolysis industry, liquor industry, chemical industry operators, etc. Acid and alkali resistant safety shoes when it can only be applied to general concentration in the workplaces where low ph, should avoid contact with high temperature, leakage of sharp instrument injury vamp or soles, after wearing applied to acid and alkali liquid, and wash your shoes and then to dry, avoid direct sunlight or drying. Other performance on the acid and alkali resistant protective shoes and safety shoes are the same as ordinary, has protective effect to your feet, let your body in the work to minimize the damage to it, and work safety.
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