Absorb sweat elected mothproof, puncture in the bottom

by:BEF     2020-07-20
In some steel mills, oil plants is high temperature work, and in which the work environment is not equipped with air conditioning, so it will be relatively hot environment. This to people who have a natural and sweaty feet, you will have hard, both feet during the work may be boring has always been the state is more, sometimes all day, the shoes were dull have smell, it can do is good? Actually now many of the safety shoes has according to environment to new, improved, so as long as you buy safety shoes with anti puncture in the bottom, you of this problem can be the perfect solution. This puncture in the bottom can not only absorb sweat deodorization, and soft and comfortable, the quality of a material is frivolous, wearing a lighter, is your choose and buy.
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