About the hit safety shoes head rumours of those things

by:BEF     2020-07-18
Heard that the steel head shoes is more dangerous than ordinary shoes? Because if there is a heavy hit on safety shoes head, prevent hit the protection of the safety shoes head head will be hit at an arc, then cut off the toe, is that true? Even when 02 indeed happened accident in Australia, is one of the workers in the loading of steel pipe at the stacking machine, discovered a metal pipe falls on his wearing safety shoes head, tragedy happened between instantly, as a result, he lost his right foot third toe, which is how to return a responsibility? Is hit safety shoes head without protection, prevention is really ordinary shoes really safer than steel toe shoes? Finally the results in the experiment, when the weight with a slice, people wear ordinary shoes after 750 pounds under pressure, will be cut off all five toes, while steel head shoes after 1400 pounds of pressure, all toe fracture occurs, it seems, if hit with a slice of object, is even steel toe shoes are difficult to survive. So, no matter under what circumstances, prevent hit safety shoes head is safer than ordinary shoes, but in the end of the bear with a small slice of the weight, there are possible toes cut off, therefore, we pay special attention to the danger at work.
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