About the hit labor insurance shoes quality standard is introduced

by:BEF     2020-12-04
What is the proof to hit Chinese shoes? Hit a labor insurance shoes refers to the prevention work to prevent the weight up pressure on the foot and cause harm to the worker of a kind of labor insurance shoes. As labor insurance shoes, the head must be in baotou steel, in order to avoid the phenomenon of steel baotou produce grinding foot to foot, there are usually steel sheathed in isolation. Prevent hit labor insurance shoes of baotou steel must comply with safety standards, resistance to pressure for 10 kn, 23 kg of toe resistance to impact, impact hammer impact since the 450 mm height of free fall after the top of the shoe, shoes deformation clearance & gt; = 15 mm, mainly is suitable for the mining, machine building, metallurgy, steel, harbor hoisting heavy manufacturing industry, etc. The following is the requirement of hit the quality standards of labor insurance shoes is: 1, the requirement of smashing the appearance of the labor insurance shoes structure: by the steel in baotou, the top of the shoe mat, shoes inside help, shoes eyes, shoelaces, ears, waist, with leather shoes, only after the bag, shoes, waist, shoe pads, insoles, insole, fill in the core, the ball bottom parts; 2, prevent hit the appearance of the labor insurance shoes quality requirements: can not have the vamp disability, colour and lustre is differ, and lines, jumpers, bolt, heavy needle code does not divide evenly, glue, spray over sulfur, low sulfur, sulfur, obvious flaws in baotou skew, etc. 3, prevent hit labor insurance shoes outsole thickness requirements: direct injection molding, vulcanization, adhesive outsole thickness not less than 4 mm; And rubber boots full thickness of the polymeric material is not less than 6 mm, thickness is not less than 3 mm, other materials of boots tooth height not less than 2. 5 mm, without any parts of the pattern of shoes outsole thickness not less than 6 mm. Generally conform to the above quality standard of proof to hit it is good quality guarantee to labor insurance shoes, so everyone is when the choose and buy must pay attention to.
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