About the double soles in the use of labor insurance shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-06
The combination of the current labor insurance shoes sole material, double soles has become the most convenient, the best solution, through the outsole wear-resisting, prevent slippery performance to achieve the protection of a foot, through the bottom of the light and soft characteristics to achieve the intimacy when walking. From this perspective, the current optimal combination way is RU/PU, rubber ( 俄文) To make the outsole, polyurethane system ( PU) In the bottom, and then through the adhesive or chemical bonding function and PU adhesive function of the outsole and the bottom together. Of course, can also be used for shoes outsole for polishing, grinding, carve patterns or designs on woodwork processing. There is a sole material combination, it is PU/TPU ( Polyurethane (pu)/thermoplastic polyurethane and) 。 Made of thermoplastic polyurethane shoe outsole extremely tough wear-resisting, bottom used in polyurethane, wearing comfortable and convenient, and the use of thermoplastic polyurethane shoe outsole meet the needs of the contemporary designer, it is because the use made of TPU sole can produce colorful shoes, but also on the sole of carve patterns or designs on woodwork process can be varied. ( Safety shoes) Another use of PU/PU ( Pu/pu) Material combination double soles, outsole and the bottom two layers of sole is made of polyurethane. Foreign bottom, must choose special compact polyurethane material, keep the outsole abrasion, methods, characteristics; For the bottom, for reasons of comfort, must choose foam polyurethane.
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