A second teach you to identify the labor insurance shoes material is good or bad

by:BEF     2020-12-09
We all know that good labor insurance shoes material were not too bad, choose a good shoe material can influence labor insurance shoes with the length of life, and a second to recognise a labor insurance shoes really good or bad of the material used? It really can do it, and we rely on their senses can to recognize, this kind of good method for rapid identification of labor insurance shoes is best quality, the following quickly learn together! Using sensory assay method that we identify labor insurance shoes leather material: by hand touch, see, bending, stretching, etc. The surface of the fine grain, natural leather with their thumb extrusion of plump resilient for good leather. Have larger the cortex is poorer than wrinkle leather, without fine texture, is not natural leather. Cow leather: material grain is careful, the pores are arranged irregular dot. Buffalo hide: the cow fur aperture is large, skin fiber is slightly rough. Sheep skin: patterns are arranged half moon, good softness, fur is thick, thin skin. Goat: pattern are arranged wavy, thick and detailed the sheep skin tight, thick solid lightsome feeling is strong. Pig skin: the surface pattern is usually a group three pore distribution, surface is rough can soft can hard. Through the above sensory judgment, is to identify the labor insurance shoes material also not be so hard to do, learn to friends quickly with his hand on the edge of labor insurance shoes to actual combat personally! ! ! !
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