A pair of labor insurance shoes is far better than to shout ten slogan 'pay attention to safety'

by:BEF     2020-12-12
“ Slippery, please pay attention to safety! ” Continues to a car accident, & other; High temperature, please pay attention to safety! ” Still burns. Today, & other; Safety is more important than mount tai & throughout; The slogan of the mouth to, can be seen everywhere, but frequent safety accidents. So & other; Pay attention to safety! ” Safe? In order to ensure the safety of food catering the workshop use the floor of light color and the surface texture is simple. This kind of floor is easy to clean dirt, curb the breeding of microorganism in the floor texture, but weak floor surface friction, easy to slip and fall. Earlier, the production workshop can be seen everywhere & other Carefully slip & throughout; The slogan. In spite of this, we walk a little do not pay attention to employees will be upset. Meat encountered such an emergency, people fall on the ground, diffused meals, messy, flustered. It seems that & other; Carefully slip & throughout; Rang hollow, it is necessary to take some practice to solve & other; Slip & throughout; The problem. Before long, the company equipped with employees for each labor insurance shoes, employees wear labor insurance shoes in the workshop. Catering in the workshop, the staff wear labor insurance shoes came a feet and start the way no one frequent & other; Slip & throughout; , work efficiency is greatly improved. Safety shoes so the worker to wear the labor protection shoes, reducing accident? What role does the labor insurance shoes? Labor insurance shoes is safety shoes and protective class collectively, also known as labor insurance shoes. Generally refers to work in different occasions use is to protect your feet and legs from the foreseeable damage of footwear. Labor insurance shoes belong to high-tech content and high added value of footwear products, labor insurance shoes production process for raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, mechanical equipment, such as demand is very high, it is a kind of special shoes, the top of the shoe with a layer of metal to protect feet, soles through special processing, prevent slippery effect very good, in many ways, it can effectively prevent workplace safety accidents. Thus, a pair of labor insurance shoes than & other; Carefully slip & throughout; More effective. On the implementation of the security work, because they do not implement the itself is the biggest security hidden danger. “ Safety is more important than mount tai & throughout; Should be specific, the truth, can make you hear and see and touch. Therefore, & other; Pay attention to safety! ” Not just an empty loud slogans, a flashy banners, and should be a brief description, a powerful measures, some effective methods of a line, a persistent implementation.
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