A little more personal protection, occupational injuries less!

by:BEF     2020-11-29
One day at a construction site is under construction in 2016, a worker falls suddenly, a long bar pierced their feet. After the present workers rushed to call the police, fire officers and soldiers and doctors to rescue, the injured were taken to hospital treatment. This sudden accidents, because the workers wore has hit a safety shoes so little feet hurt, he is lucky, but in the face of the site there are various security hidden danger, if you ever feel terror? Maybe there are some potential safety hazard, are ignored by you, we specially listed a few more often occur occupational injuries and the suggestion, to remind you. Occupational hazard factors, it is very important to know in advance! 1, dust, easy to pneumoconiosis. According to the ministry of health statistics show that the estimated more than 120 pneumoconiosis disease, each year die from pneumoconiosis patients reached more than 2300 cases, including pneumoconiosis patients accounted for the vast majority of the site. Suggestion: the working environment in dust flying, you should wear good protective effect of the mask, avoid long-term inhalation of dust, which lead to the occurrence of pneumoconiosis. 2, piercing or pressure to hit the feet, easy to cause the feet hurt! Workers in some cases not wearing safety shoes when working, in the high altitude falling objects or the ground with lumber, easily to a foot injury, serious disability. Suggestion: in the complex work environment, you should wear protective product safety shoes, labor insurance shoes, etc, to avoid because of emergency safety threat foot, foot damage. 3, chemicals, easy to cause human poisoning! The site of many raw materials unavoidably contain lead, mercury, benzene, chemical poisons such as chlorine, once people come into contact with, will soon to enter blood circulation through the skin, respiratory and transported around the body, causing acute poisoning or chronic poisoning. Suggestion: may cause toxic chemicals in the working environment, you should wear protective clothing, with isolation effect of wearing masks with filtering effect, to avoid accidentally exposed to toxic chemicals, and cause poisoning. Four splash, object, easy to eyes hurt! According to relevant data show that every year the site worker eye injury accounts for more than half of all industries, many employees have one eye or two eyes hurt, more serious and even cause blindness. Suggestion: at work, you should wear a brace effect of protective glasses, avoid eye damage from flying objects. Focus on occupational health, improve their use appliances for labor protection consciousness, live and work in note to wear the necessary safety protection products. To make a little more than your personal protection, occupational injuries less!
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